Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wait Until Dark

"Wait Until Dark" starring Audrey Hepburn, Alan Arkin, Jack Weston, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. and Richard Crenna is a psychological thriller from 1967.

Susy Hendrix (Hepburn) is a blind lady who lives with her photographer husband Sam (Zimbalist Jr) in a New York basement apartment.  At the airport, Sam unwittingly agrees to take a doll from a beautiful woman, Lisa.  He brings it back to his apartment not knowing it is filled with heroin and that a group of thugs is after it.

It doesn't take long before Lisa shows up dead in the Hendrix's apartment and the thugs arrive to try to find the doll.  The criminals that are after the doll are Roat (Arkin), Mike (Crenna) & Carlino (Westin).  They form an uneasy alliance and a complicated plan to try to trick Susy into showing them where the doll is.  Sam is called away on business and of course Susy is left to deal with this while he is gone with only the help of Gloria the girl upstairs.  Plus she mistakenly believes the police may think Sam was involved in the murder so she doesn't immediately involve the police.

Audrey Hepburn does a great job playing the recently blinded woman who uses her blindness and the darkness to her advantage to deal with the intruders.  While the plot is quite contrived, it does have its suspenseful moments.

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