Thursday, January 10, 2013


"SSSSSSS" (1973) is a horror movie starring Strother Martin, Dirk Benedict and Heather Menzies-Urich.

Dr. Carl Stoner (Martin) is a scientist who studies snakes.  He hires a college student, David Blake (Benedict) to be his assistant at the lab at his home.  Also at the house is the doctor's daughter, Kristina (Menzies) who assists her father with his research and helps him get funds by joining him at snake shows for the public.  She also has a love for snakes.

Shortly after arriving, Dr. Stoner starts giving David injections that are supposed to build his resistance to a deadly snake bite.  However, David starts having intense reactions to these ongoing injections.  He can't understand why his skin starts peeling and why his face is "breaking out" - into green scales!

What will happen to poor David?  We he end up like the snake man that the doctor sold to the local circus?  Will David and Kristina end up together?  If you get freaked out by snakes, you might not want to watch because this movie is filled with them!  This movie is good, creepy, fun!

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