Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mrs. Amworth

"Mrs. Amworth" (1975) is a short film starring Glynis Johns, Roger Davidson and Derek Francis  about a vampire terrorizing a small British village.

Mrs. Amworth (Johns) recently moved into a quiet village and her vivacious personality soon wins over the locals including Benson and his visiting nephew David.  On the other hand, Mr. Urcombe grows suspicious about Mrs. Amworth. 

The village is facing an unknown virus that is killing people.  It is localized to the village only and started shortly after Mrs. Amworth arrived.  Mr. Urcombe does some research in the parish records and discovers there was a similar outbreak a century ago and Mrs. Amworth's ancestor was accused of causing it using witchcraft. 

Can sweet Mrs. Amworth be the cause of all the death in the village?  Mr. Urcombe won't stop investigating until he discovers if she is.


  1. The pictures make the blog feel more horrific, the pictures seems old and scary which goes with the article. Nice blog name too, one way to attract the readers/