Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crowhaven Farm

"Crowhaven Farm" (1970) starring Hope Lange, Paul Burke and Lloyd Bochner is one of my favorite made for TV movies that first aired as part of ABC's Movie of the Week.  It is another classic example of Aaron Spelling's early productions.

Maggie Porter inherits the rural Crowhaven Farm from a long lost relative.  It is located in New England and shortly after meeting her neighbors learns that the town has a history of witchcraft and witchcraft trials many centuries ago.  The moment Maggie and her husband Ben (Burke) arrive at the farm, Maggie feels like she's been there before in another life.  She knows her way around the house and even knows its secret passages and doors.  She wants to leave but her husband says it's a way they can path up their failing marriage and she finally agrees.

Maggie starts having visions from the past when the town's early Puritan residents lived there.  She keeps seeing herself being killed as a witch. The couple also takes in a local girl, Jennifer, after her Aunt dies.  Having a child is the couple's dream and everything starts out on a happy note.  However, Jennifer isn't as innocent and sweet as she seems.

 This is a great example of 70s TV movies that I love so much.  We have a great story, plenty of spooky atmosphere in and around the farm and lots of thrills and chills.  This movie has recently been released on DVD by Amazon so check it out!

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