Sunday, January 27, 2013

Night of Terror

"Night of Terror" (1972) is an ABC Movie of the Week starring Donna Mills, Martin Balsam, Catherine Burns, Agnes Moorehead and Chuck Connors.

Linda (Mills) and Celeste (Burns) are school teachers who witness a man being murdered by a hired killer outside of the art class they teach.  They have no idea why this has happened there although the police keep asking them if anyone has left anything with them that the criminals may be after.

The women are both followed and in an exciting high speed car chase through a hospital parking garage, Celeste is killed while Linda's legs are paralyzed.  During her recovery, Agnes Moorehead has a small part as her physical therapist, she is not even safe from the criminals in the hospital.  They still believe she has something that belongs to them.

The police arrange for a retired cop, Capt. Caleb Sark (Balsam) to sneak Linda out of the hospital to an undisclosed location.  He takes her to a large ocean side mansion where she can recover and be safe while they try to discover what the killers want.  However her safe seclusion will not last long.

This is a really enjoyable thriller that keeps you glued to the TV. 

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