Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Bat People

"The Bat People" (1974) starring Stewart Moss, Marianne McAndrew and Michael Pataki is a horror movie I happened upon on our local TV station one afternoon.

Dr. John Beck (Moss) studies bats.  He and his wife Cathy (McAndrew) are on a vacation in the California desert and mountains and of course John was to do a little research and stop at a local cave known for its bats.  They go on a tour and Cathy, trying to distract him from his mission, leads him away from the tour into a separate tunnel and then goes and falls down into a ravine infested with bats and insects - yuck!  John of course goes down to save her and he is bitten by a bat.

John insists he's OK, that they'll continue on their vacation and get checked out for rabies in a few days.  Things start to go horribly wrong.  He starts having violent mood swings and lashing out at Cathy.  They go see a doctor who starts him on rabies shots but John has a violent reaction to the vaccine.  We soon discover John is turning into a giant bat creature and ends up killing the nurse in the hospital.

The local creepy sheriff is on the job to solve the murder and he suspects John.  What will happen with John and Cathy?  Will they survive this series of unfortunate events?  Check it out.

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