Sunday, January 6, 2013

Trilogy of Terror Double Feature!

"Trilogy of Terror" (1975) is a made for TV movie starring Karen Black, Robert Burton and John Karlen "Trilogy of Terror II" (1996) is also made for TV movie starring Lysette Anthony, Geraint Wyn Davies and Matt Clark.  Both are directed by Dan Curtis of Dark Shadows fame.  Both movies have three stories that don't have anything to do with each other except for the fact that the same actress portrays a different role in each story.  

In the first Trilogy, Karen Black is the star in all three stories. Ms. Black does a great job playing the three different characters.  She was also in Curtis' "Burnt Offerings" horror movie.  It's just too bad she can't embrace her part in horror movie history because now she tells everyone that she never starred in horror movies - they were science fiction!  Anyway, back to the stories. Story 1: "Julie" is about a college professor whose tryst with one of her students ends in blackmail and a twist at the end.  Story 2: "Millicent & Therese" is about twin sisters.  Millicent believes Therese is using voodoo to try to kill her.  It doesn't turn out that way!  Story 3: "Amelia" really uses Black's talents.  She buys a Zuni fetish doll for her boyfriend and it comes alive with its sharp knife and chases her throughout the apartment trying to kill her.  This last story is the one that everyone remembers about the movie and it is by far the most fun to watch!

In the second trilogy, Lysette Anthony is the actress that plays the three characters in the three stories.  I didn't even know there was a sequel until I happened upon it on TV.  This sequel was made over 20 years from the first but in my opinion is equal to or better than the original.  Story 1: "Graveyard Rats" is about a woman married to a horrible old rich man and she's having an affair with one of his employees.  They decide to kill him and almost get away with it but then discover he took to the grave the codes to access the Swiss bank accounts.  Going to the graveyard to dig him up will be a big mistake!  Story 2: "Bobby" is about a boy who drowns in the ocean outside of this large seaside mansion on a cliff. The mother is so upset of his death, she resorts to satanic rituals to try to bring him back to life.  During an intense thunderstorm, he comes back but he's not the same sweet Bobby.  My favorite line from this story is when Bobby calls out, "Bobby's coming to get you Mommy!"  Story 3: "He Who Kills" brings back everybody's favorite Zuni doll who after murdering 2 women is brought to Dr. Simpson at the local museum by the police.  Of course the doll comes alive and is at its best running around the museum trying to kill everyone!  I was very impressed with this sequel and was glad to discover it!


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