Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dead Man's Island

"Dead Man's Island" (1996) is a mystery/thriller made for TV film that takes place on a remote island, starring: Barbara Eden, William Shatner, Roddy McDowall, Morgan Fairchild, Traci Lords, David Faustino, Christopher Atkins, Olivia Hussey, Jameson ParkerChristopher Cazenove and Don Most.

Chase Prescott (Shatner) is a rich man who owns many companies and a beautiful mansion on a remote, private island.  He invites a cast of characters from his businesses, friends and family to the island retreat because he thinks one of them is trying to kill him for his fortune.  He has also invited an old friend, Henrietta O'Dwyer Collins (but everyone calls her Henrie O.) (Eden), who is a renowned journalist so she can investigate these suspects and let him know who the would be killer is.

The list of suspects include: Valerie St. Vincent (Fairchild) who wants Chase to back her on a Broadway play; Trevor Dunnaway (McDowall), Prescott's attorney; Miranda Prescott (Lords), Chase's beautiful young wife; Burton Andrews (Most), Chase's private secretary; Lyle Stedman (Parker), Senior Vice President at Chase's company; sons Haskell (Faustino) & Roger (Atkins); and housemaid Rosie (Hussey) and butler Milo (Cazenove).

Barbara Eden does a good job as Henrie O (although her Texas accent is less than convincing) - asking all the guests the uncomfortable questions everyone would rather not talk about.  Not only do we have a possible murder on the island - there is also an approaching storm to add to the suspensful atmosphere and drama!  "Dead Man's Island" is a fun murder mystery with an all star cast of characters.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Beast Must Die

"The Beast Must Die" (1974) starring Calvin Lockhart, Peter Cushing, Marlene Clark, Charles Gray, Anton Diffring, Ciaran Madden, Tom Chadbon and Michael Gambon is a fun horror movie from Amicus Studios where the viewer gets to decide who the werewolf is.

Tom Newcliffe (Calvin Lockhart) is a rich businessman / hunter who wants to hunt the biggest and rarest game there is - a werewolf.  He has done the research and narrowed it down to the following guests who he has invited to his remote mansion and estate and accuses one of them of being the werewolf:

Tom has brought his guests together on the night of the full moon and has rigged his entire estate with cameras, microphones and other surveillance systems to help him hunt the werewolf.  

Things don't go as smoothly for him as planned and the werewolf gets the upper hand even with all the precautions.  One by one, the guests and Tom's associates are getting killed off.  Will Tom accomplish his deadly task?

This is a very enjoyable werewolf movie from the 70s.  Everything about it screams the 70s, including the clothing, decor and the fantastically funky music!  The cheesy "Werewolf Break" which comes after all the clues have been given and allows the audience to choose which person they think is the werewolf.  "The Beast Must Die" is a must see for fans of old horror movies!

Who is the Werewolf?

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Brotherhood of Satan

"The Brotherhood of Satan" (1971) starring Strother Martin, L.Q. Jones, Charles Bateman is an excellent horror movie about a family trapped in a desert town with a bunch of old Satan worshipers.

The family of Ben (Charles Bateman), his girlfriend Nicky (Ahna Capri) and his daughter KT (Geri Reischl) are on their way to Grandma's house when they witness a terrible car accident.  They drive to the nearest town of Hillsboro and they are mobbed by the local townsfolk and quickly flee in their car.  However, they don't get far until their car breaks down and they have to return to Hillsboro.

They discover the town has been cut off from the outside by unknown forces for over a week and one by one their children have gone missing.  Ben joins with the Sheriff (L.Q. Jones, also the movie's writer and producer), the local doctor and priest to determine what is happening to all the children.

While this is occurring, the film also shifts to the local witch's coven which worships Satan and is gathering the children for its sinister plans.  Who in the small town is the leader of the coven?  You soon find out and you get a good look at the elderly denizens of Hillsboro who will do the unspeakable to stay alive and young.

"The Brotherhood of Satan" is a surprisingly good horror flick.  It is visually well filmed and the idea of a town being cut off from the rest of the world creates a sinister sort of claustrophobia.  There are some extremely creepy scenes in this movie, especially the birthday party scene where the children are catered to by unseen figures in black robes.  I highly recommend that you find and watch this film!