Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Killer Bees

"Killer Bees" is an ABC Movie of the Week starring Edward Albert, Kate Jackson and Gloria Swanson that first aired 2/26/1974 and directed by Curtis Harrington.

Edward Van Bohlen (Albert) and his fiancee Victoria Wells (Jackson) return to Edward's family home after a four year estrangement. The Van Bohlen's run a winery in California and the nearby town is named after them.  Edward is reluctant to return but Victoria insists she needs to meet his family. When they get to town, the police are cleaning up an accident where a salesman had trespassed on the Van Bohlen land and a swarm of bees chased him away in his car to his death.

Upon their arrival, the family is very cold to Victoria.  They keep telling Edward in no uncertain terms that he should not have brought a stranger to the estate.  We meet Edward's father, two brothers and the grandmother (Swanson) that everyone calls Madame. We soon discover that the secret to the family wine is the bees their ancestors brought with them from South Africa.  As people that do the family wrong end of being killed, we see Madame gently caressing and talks to the bees as they cover her body.  Will Victoria discover the secret of the bees?  Will she make it out alive?  Tune in to find out.

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