Monday, December 31, 2012

Death Cruise

"Death Cruise" (1974) is a TV movie that aired as an ABC Movie of the Week.  It starred Richard Long, Polly Bergen, Kate Jackson, Celeste Holm, Tom Bosley, Michael Constantine and Edward Albert.

Three couples win a three week vacation on a cruise from an unknown company.  Jerry and Sylvia Carter have a troubled marriage because Jerry likes to sleep around.  James and Mary Radney are young and enjoy life but Mary wants to have children and James doesn't.  Elizabeth and David Mason have grown children and are trying to remember how to be a couple and not just parents.  Each couple has issues they are working through.  Dr. Burke is temporarily filling in a ship's doctor.

During the first evening at dinner, the couples start talking and discover they all won the trip.  Jerry says he thinks the others look familiar, from 1970 Atlanta but he can't remember why.  None of the others remember having met.

One of the characters disappears and it appears he could have fallen overboard.  Then the others from that group start showing up dead and it definitely isn't accidental.  Dr. Burke tries to find out what they all have in common and tries to solve the mystery.

This is a fun murder mystery at sea.  It's almost like a modern day And Then There Were None. Watch this anti love boat and set a course for murder!

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