Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Witches

"The Witches" AKA "The Devil's Own" (1966) is a Hammer Studios horror movie starring Joan Fontaine, Kay Walsh and Alec McCowen.

Gwen Mayfield (Fontaine) is a school teacher that used to teach in Africa until a revolution and witch doctors chased her out and caused her to have a breakdown.  She is hired by brother and sister team Alan (McCowen) and Stephanie (Walsh) Bax, who run a private school in the small English village of Heddaby.

Things start out quietly for Gwen as she gets used to her school, the children and the village people.  But soon she learns the village isn't all it seems.  There are issues with a couple of her students that she can't explain - one falls ill unexpectedly and the other disappears.  Gwen begins to believe that black magic is happening in her quiet village.  Will it drive her to madness again?

This is a very enjoyable horror movie.  It's one of those that reminds you that your neighbors may not be who you think they are.

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