Friday, November 23, 2012

I Saw What You Did

"I Saw What You Did" (1965) starring Joan Crawford, John Ireland and Leif Erickson is a campy horror/thriller directed by William Castle.

Teenagers, Libby Mannering, her friend Kit and little sister Tess Mannering are home alone for the night while the parents are out of town.  The girls are bored so start playing a game where they call random people from the phone book and make prank calls.  The game soon evolves into the girls calling and saying "I saw what you did.  I know who you are!"  As chance would have it, they call Steve Marak (Ireland) right after he has killed his wife in an angry rage!

Not being content with just calling, they eventually decide to drive over to his house (because his voice sure sounds sexy!) to see what he looks like.  This is a mistake, because nosy neighbor (and want to be love interest for her killer neighbor Steve) Amy Nelson (Crawford) sees them snooping around and scares them off after grabbing their registration with their address! And you can bet Steve will end up with the girls' address.

This movie is not really scary but is campy especially with the usual over the top performance by Joan Crawford!  The music isn't even the usual suspense building horror soundtrack - it's more 60s sitcom music. This is a fun one to watch especially if you are revisiting it from your childhood and especially to see another fun Joan Crawford performance.

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