Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Reflection of Fear


"A Reflection of Fear" (1973) starring Robert Shaw, Sondra Locke, Signe Hasso, Sally Kellerman and Mary Ure is a movie that I had never seen before and has quickly become one of the creepiest that I have ever seen!

Grandmother Julia (Hasso), mother Katherine (Ure) and daughter Marguerite (Locke) all live together in a large seaside mansion. Right from the beginning the creepiness starts!  Marguerite is in her bedroom and as she is talking to the unseen Aaron while the camera portrays row after row of old fashioned dolls.  We see a shadow of where Aaron is but it looks like another doll.  Later, the mother refers to her friend as a doll.  

The big news disrupting the isolation of this house is that Marguerite's father Michael (Shaw) is coming to visit.  He has come with his fiancee Anne (Kellerman) to seek a divorce from Katherine and to see his daughter the first time in ten years.  This sets off a series of events that will change everything!

We have a creepy sounding "doll" talking, someone peeking through partitions in the walls and ceilings, someone in black wandering around the estate and gardens with a long stick, a super creepy relationship between daughter and father and a dreamlike quality that permeates this film.  There are even a couple scenes like the dinner party where no dialog takes place, just the background music, as we watch the dinner participants mostly through body language that tells more than just plain dialog.  The ending is also one that you most likely will not have figured out!  Watch this creepy little horror movie - it's quite an experience!!

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