Saturday, November 17, 2012

See No Evil

"See No Evil" (1971) is a horror/thriller starring Mia Farrow, Dorothy Alison and Robin Bailey .  Sarah (Farrow) is a woman who lost her sight in an accident and is returning to her uncle and aunt's estate in England a couple years later.  Sarah gets used to being back and getting to know the lay of the house and goes out with her old flame, Steve.  While out, her family is murdered and when she returns she is completely unaware of the tragedy and that the murderer is still on the estate.

This is a very well done movie.  The viewer never does see the killer's face, just his cowboy boots so we never know who the murder is until the surprise unveiling near the movie's end.  Mia does an excellent job going through a host of emotions in this movie.  I ran across this movie on Turner Classic Movie (TCM) channel and it was a very good find!

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