Monday, November 19, 2012

The Nanny

"The Nanny" (1965) starring Bette Davis, Wendy Craig and Jill Bennett is a psychological thriller that will have you guessing until the end. 

Nanny (Davis) has been with the family since Virginia Fane (Craig) was a child.  She is also nanny to her children.  However two years ago, the young daughter Susy drowned in the bathtub.  Her brother Joey was blamed and sent to an institution for two years.  At the beginning of the movie everyone is getting ready for his return and the mom isn't sure she wants him back. 

Nanny is ever doting and always sweet.  She takes care of the mother even more than the son.  Upon Joey's return, he wants nothing to do with Nanny.  He says she is trying to kill him.  No one believes him though.  Is Joey a bad seed or is Nanny not what she appears?  You'll have to watch this great Bette Davis movie to find out.

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