Monday, November 19, 2012


"Paranoiac" (1965) starring Janette Scott, Oliver Reed, Alexander Davion and Sheila Burrell is another great psychological thriller from Hammer Studios. 

The setting is a large mansion on a country estate in England.  The Ashby family lives there, including brother Simon (Reed), sister Eleanor (Scott) and Aunt Harriet (Burrell).  Oliver Reed is particularly good as the psychotic, alcoholic brother that wants his sister committed so he can inherit the entire estate in a few weeks when the estate comes out of trust.

Eleanor has become a fragile wisp of who she formerly was since the death of her other brother Tony (Davion) two years ago.  Suddenly she keeps seeing Tony but no one believes her.  One day she decides to jump off a cliff into the sea but Tony is watching nearby and saves her.  Much to the dismay of Simon and Aunt Harriet, Tony returns to the house with Eleanor.  Neither believes it is really him.

This is another one of those thrillers that has you guessing until the very end.  The characters in this very dysfunctional family are very well played.  Watch this film and enjoy all the twists and turns!

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