Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Die! Die! My Darling!

"Die! Die! My Darling!" (1965) starring Tallulah Bankhead, Stefanie Powers and Peter Vaughan is a thriller that mixes camp with horror.

Patricia Carroll (Powers) is newly arrived in England with her current fiance.  Before they start their new life together, she tells him that she has agreed to meet her dead fiance's mother.  Upon arriving at the run down country house, Patricia meets Mrs. Trefoile (Bankhead), who won't hear of her leaving right away and asks her to stay for the night.

Patricia is called downstairs by the maid, Anna (Yootha Joyce) for evening services, Patricia begins to see what she is dealing with in this household.  She discovers Mrs. Trefoile is a religious fanatic and she is leading services with the maid, handyman and mentally challenged Joseph (played by none other than Donald Sutherland!) all bowing down and listening to verse after verse from the bible before they can eat their dinner.  At dinner we learn more, Mrs. Trefoile doesn't allow any salt, saying they don't use condiments of any kind in this household!  She also makes Patricia go upstairs and remove her lipstick which is red like the devil!

Before Patricia can figure out it would be better to leave, she finds herself held hostage by Mrs. Trefoile and her household staff.  Mrs. Trefoile wants to save Patricia's soul so she can go to heaven where her beloved Steven is waiting for her!  What follows is an ever escalating reign of psychological terror and over the top performances from the actors!

This movie doesn't take itself too seriously. The actors, especially Powers and Bankhead seem to be enjoying the roles of these two very strong willed women!  From the animated sequence of a cat and mouse at the opening credits to the rather humorous music and asides from Patricia, this movie is a horror campfest that you'll love. 

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