Friday, November 23, 2012

Mystery Mansion

 "Mystery Mansion" (1983) starring Dal McKennon, Christopher Wynne and Randi Brown is a child centered suspense/mystery movie that is geared toward children.

Susan (Brown) and her brother Johnny (David Wagner) are visiting their aunt and uncle in rural Oregon for the summer.  Nearby their house is an old mansion that is connected to their family's history.  Susan has been haunted by dreams of what happened in this house at the end of the 19th century, when bandits broke in and the little girl Rachel was killed.

Susan and Johnny team up with the friend Billy after they find a treasure map while exploring the old mansion.  They also have befriended Sam (McKennon) the old man who lives in a shack nearby and he helps the kids to solve the mystery of the treasure and Rachel's death. To add more to the excitement, two escaped convicts also want to find the treasure and will it be a situation of history repeating itself?  You'll have to watch to find out.  

 This movie reminded me of the types of books I enjoyed reading as a kid where the children solve a mystery.  This movie is out of print on DVD but you can find copies to buy.  You can also catch it on cable channels such as Starz.

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