Tuesday, November 13, 2012


"Tormented" (1960) starring Richard Carlson, Susan Gordon and Lugene Sanders is ghost story that takes place on an island. At the beginning of the movie we see Tom Stewart (Carlson) meeting with ex-girlfriend Vi (Juli Reding) who has showed up on the island unexpectedly wanting to rekindle the relationship.  When Tom doesn't go for it, because he is marrying Meg (Sanders) in a few days, Vi turns to blackmail.  As they are discussing the issue at the top of an old lighthouse, the railing breaks and Vi falls over and is hanging for dear life.  Tom is caught in a catch 22, let her fall to her death, refusing to save her or save her and face being blackmailed.  Needless to say to make this movie work, he chooses to let her fall.

Soon afterwards, Tom becomes tormented with the choices he made.  He also starts to experience ghostly appearances from the Vi who is still threatening, even as a ghost, to expose him and to ruin his upcoming wedding! 

This is a good, though somewhat cheesy, ghost story.  The special effects are particularly bad but what does one expect from 1960?  The acting is pretty good for this type of movie, especially in the roles of Meg's little sister Sandy (Susan Gordon) and Mrs. Ellis (Lillian Adams) who is the blind friend of the family who becomes a confidant about the supernatural occurrences to Tom.

Will Tom end up marrying Meg or will he be driven mad with guilt by the ghostly presence of Vi?  You'll have to watch to find out.

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