Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Gorgon

"The Gorgon" (1964) starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Barbara Shelley and Richard Pasco is another classic Hammer Productions films.  In the small town of Vandorf, Germany during the early 1900s, townspeople keep being found turned to stone.  Legend is that one of the Gorgon sisters from Greek mythology has ended up living in the decrepit old castle that looms over the town.  Unsuspecting villagers who go out into the woods at night may encounter her and if they look at her, they will be turned to stone in fear!

There is a general cover up in the town from officials not wanting to admit that it could be something supernatural.  The local Dr. Namaroff (Cushing) is also covering it up but for different reasons than the local authorities.  Carla Hoffman, played by the very delightful Barbara Shelley, is the doctor's assistant that wants the truth to come out.  When Paul Heitz (Pasco) arrives to investigate the deaths of his brother and father, Carla wants to help him find the truth.  Prof. Karl Meister (Lee) also comes to town to help solve the mystery.

This is a very atmospheric horror movie.  There's the spooky old abandoned castle that looms over the town and is where the Gorgon apparently lives.  Walks through the woods filled with unseen horrors.  The Gorgon's haunting, melodic song filling the night air luring potential victims to her clutches!  I very much enjoyed this movie and will definitely watch it again for years to come!

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