Saturday, November 3, 2012

Don't Go To Sleep

"Don't Go To Sleep" (1982) starring Dennis Weaver, Valerie Harper, Ruth Gordon and Robin Ignico is a made for TV that is an Aaron Spelling production. The family moves to a new home a year after they are in a car accident and one of their daughters, Jennifer dies.  Grandma, played by the excellent Ruth Gordon (one of my favorites from Rosemary's Baby), also moves in.

Shortly after moving in, daughter Mary starts seeing her dead sister.  Jennifer eggs Mary on - bad mouthing first the grandma and then the little brother.  Soon "accidents" start to happen and family members start to die.

This is a good spooky little made for TV movie.  I was shocked when watching to discover that a scene with a pizza cutter being slowly moved up a stairway's railing is in this movie.  My sister and I had remembered that particular scene from our childhood but never remembered the movie.  As luck would have it, without even looking, I found it today!

This movie is not gory but is suspenseful and is a good watch on a Saturday afternoon.


  1. Hi, just found your fantastic page -- what trip down memory lane. I wonder if you could help me identify two different scary TV movies from either the 1970s or 1980s

    1) this one is really vague -from the mid-late 1970s I think, and it had strange spinning and glowing lights (like a firework almost) that somehow were demonic. For some reason I associate this with Jan Michael Vincent, or an actor like him, who is being stalked.

    2) This one is later 1980s, supposed to be based on a "true story" of demonic possession, mostly starring kids. The possessed claimed to see a little man in dirty jeans following them. Might have been an ABC movie. You never see any devils/ demons, almost more about mental breakdowns.

    Any help identifying these would be most helpful. Thanks!

    1. Hi KC. Thanks for checking out A Haunting on the Screen! Those movies you describe are tough ones. For the first one, the only movies that I can think of that have evil spinning lights are 13 Ghosts and The Stone Tape. The Stone Tape is from the 70s. Nothing comes to mind for your second one and couldn't come up with anything in Google searches. If I ever come across these movies, I will let you know. Good luck in finding them and thanks again!