Friday, July 5, 2013

The Boogens

"The Boogens" (1981) starring Jeff Harlan and  is a slow burn horror movie about a group of young adults who rent a home in the mining town of Silver City, Colorado and find the town overrun with vicious creatures.

Trish and Jessica are a couple of college friends who are taking a winter break in Colorado before they go off and start their careers.  They are renting a house with Jessica's boyfriend Roger and his friend Mark.  Roger and Mark are working with a small crew to reopen a local silver mine that has been closed for a hundred years since a major disaster closed it.  Reopening the mine turns out to be a major mistake for the entire town as the old mine reaches far under the town and even under the houses and into our favorite characters' basement!

This is a fun old fashioned 80's horror movie.  We have our young people that just want to have some fun but horrors from this town's past will change that; an old man who remembers the original mining accident from stories from his father and doesn't want the mine reopened; a dog that is a real scene stealer; creepy creatures that we know are lurking in the dark shadows of the house but we don't see for the longest time until their final reveal and the exciting conclusions of the film.  "The Boogens" has a lot of suspenseful atmosphere that will keep you creeped out!  I enjoyed discovering this movie which has recently been released on Blu-ray.

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