Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reflections of Murder

"Reflections of Murder" starring , and is a 1974 made for TV movie remake of the French Film "Les Diaboliques".

At a boy's school on an island in Puget Sound Washington, the headmistress, Claire Elliott (Hackett), is trying to run a successful school in her family's large seaside mansion that was left to her.  Her husband the headmaster, Michael Elliott (Waterston) has other ides - he wants to sell the house and property to developers so they can earn millions of dollars.  Claire will not sell and because of this Michael is doing everything he can to make her divorce him so they will have to split the estate.

Michael is a horribly abusive husband to Claire and to his mistress, Vicky (Weld) who is another teacher at the school.  Vicky has the idea that they should kill Michael so they can enjoy life again and stop living under his constant abuse.  Slowly, Claire is convinced.

The plot to kill Michael is rather involved and consists of the women taking the ferry into Seattle and calling Michael there to kill him and then bring him back to the island to drop into the school's closed for the season pool.

Of course for movies like this, nothing works out as well as it was planned and nothing is as it seems.  This movie is good overall.  The scenes of the abuse faced by Claire are cringe-worthy and the twists and turns add some good suspense.  The friendship between should be rivals Claire and Vicky is actually rather tender even while plotting and committing murder!

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