Sunday, July 21, 2013

Haunted By Her Past

"Haunted by Her Past" aka "Secret Passions" (1987) is a made for TV movie starring  and   in which two couples vacation at a haunted colonial inn.

Eric Beckett (James) wants to surprise his wife Karen (Lucci) with a stay in the colonial town of Unionville where she has always wanted to go.  Their best friends, Rita & Charles Kamen, join them.  On the way into town, Karen sees a sign for an antique shop / inn.  She gets Eric to take a detour and they end up at an  old inn in the middle of the woods.  Karen falls in love with it and convinces him that they should stay here instead of in town.  Looking at the rooms, Karen goes through an open door into a dusty old room.  The innkeeper is shocked that they are in it as it's been kept closed for centuries and doesn't have any running water or electricity like the rest of the inn.  Karen, wanting an authentic colonial experience, finally gets the innkeeper to rent the room to them.  In the room is a giant intricately carved mirror that Karen soon becomes obsessed with.

The couples explore the nearby town that caters to its colonial past by having people walking around in costumes of the long gone era.  Back at the inn, Karen starts to act less like the prim librarian type she arrived as and more as a flirt and seductress.  Her appearance and personality changes so much her husband no longer recognizes the same woman.

Eric does some investigating and finds out that there were murders in the room where they were staying and that's why the innkeeper had it closed off.  Meanwhile, Karen starts to see and communicate with a ghost in the mirror who soon informs her of her connection to the town and a curse that may ruin her and Eric's relationship forever.

A somewhat fun made for TV movie like something you might find on Lifetime. It's enjoyable to see Susan Lucci in her evolution from prim and proper to sexy and dangerous.

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