Friday, July 12, 2013

The Howling

"The Howling" (1981) starring , and   is a classic werewolf movie from the 80's.

Karen White (Wallace) is a TV news reporter who goes undercover to try to interview a serial killer who has agreed to meet with her.  After the encounter turns disastrous, Karen is traumatized by the experience and a self-help guru, Dr. Waggner (Macnee) sends her to his community called the Colony on the California coast.  She goes with her husband Bill and on the drive there hopes the people there aren't too weird.  Little does she know how weird they really are!

The residents of the Colony are not what they first appear and Karen will soon find this out.  Her friend from work, Terry Fisher (Balaski) is researching the serial killer and she is soon called up to the Colony by Karen to join in the mayhem.

"The Howling" is a fun 80's horror movie that has a bit of blood but is not overdone.  The werewolf transformations are extremely unique to this film and they also don't play by all the same rules that have been established in other werewolf movies.  The movie is filled with spooky atmosphere including lots of foggy forest shots and wolves howling in the night.  The musical score is also unique in that it uses an organ which really fit with the film's feel. There is also just enough humor to offset the horrorific situation the characters are going through.  I really enjoyed finding this gem of a film!

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