Monday, March 4, 2013

Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2

"Twilight: Breaking Dawn, part 2" is the final episode in the Twilight saga, starring: , , .

Bella Swan is just awakening from her death and rebirth as a vampire.  She joins the Cullen family including her love Edward.  She and Edward also have a newborn half human half vampire girl named Renesmee who has a rapid growth rate and looks about 8 for the majority of the movie.  Vampire pal Jacob Black is back and he has imprinted to Renesmee and becomes her protector.

A report has been made to the Volturri (the vampire authority) about what is thought to be the Cullens making an immortal child which is a big no no in the vampire world. Alice Cullen sees the future and sees the Volturri coming to kill the child and punish the Cullens.  The Cullens in turn want to convince them that Renesmee is not an immortal child, but also half human and they go around the world to find family friends who will come and witness for them and if necessary stand with them against the Volturri.

I really enjoyed this final chapter in the Twilight series.  I haven't seen such an enjoyable one since the first movie.  The characters stories are all brought to some resolution and Bella finally gets her wish to become a vampire so she can be with Edward forever. 

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