Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Stranger Waits

"A Stranger Waits" (1987) is a made for TV thriller starring , , , and

Kate Bennington (Pleshette) is returning to town after an extended stay out of state while mourning the death of her rich husband.  She returns to town to first take care of the family business and then she is going to stay at their seaside house called 'The Cliffs' in the Pacific Northwest.

Before her arrival, the estate's caretaker is murdered by a man we catch a glimpse of during a thunderstorm.  We later see that same man bump into Kate at the airport and he later shows up on her doorstep bringing her diamond earrings that she had neglected to pick up after they bumped into each other.  That man's name is Mike Webber.  Kate is so taken with him and his honesty that she hires him as replacement caretaker against the objections of Cooper, her butler.

Slowly but surely Mike worms his way into Kate's affections and into a much bigger role in the household.  However, we know Mike isn't what he seems and we know he has something sinister planned for Kate.

This is a suspenseful TV thriller that has some good twists and turns as well as being filmed in some great locations.   

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