Sunday, March 3, 2013


"Solitary" (2011) is a mystery thriller starring , , , .  

Sara Ballard (Jaeger) is living a normal life in the suburbs and one day she wakes up and gets ready to go for a jog and as soon as she gets outside she is hit with an intense agoraphobia which causes her to flee back inside her home.   A day later, she wakes up and her husband is gone, seemingly gone to work but he never returns.  

Sara finds herself increasingly isolated.  Her phones aren't working, her power goes off then on.  She thinks she sees her husband lurking around the house.  The spare bedroom's door is locked and for some reason she doesn't want to get in to see why.  Her sister sends a therapist, Dr. Resnik (Qamar) to try to treat her and help her find out what is reality and what is really her false memories.  

This is a thriller that will keep you guessing.  What traumatic event caused Sara's agoraphobia?  Is what she remembers real or her imagination?  Take a look and be entertained with a good quality thriller. 

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