Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dead of Night


 "Dead of Night" (1977) is a made for TV movie from director Dan Curtis ("Dark Shadows", "Burnt Offerings", etc.) that has three stories written by Richard Matheson.

"Second Chance" stars who plays Frank, a man who loves restoring old cars.  He starts by completely restoring a 1920s car which he decides to drive into town using the old country highway.  On his way there, he ends up traveling back into time to his town in the 20s.  Is there a reason he was sent to that time and then back home?

"No Such Thing as a Vampire" stars as Dr. Gheria that takes place in the late 1800s.  The doctor and his wife live in a large mansion but his wife is visited each night by what appears to be a vampire.  Most of the household staff leave in fear, the entire town is in terror of what is happening and a family friend comes to try to help discover why a vampire is targeting this couple.

"Bobby" starring  and will be familiar to those that saw Dan Curtis' later movie "Trilogy of Terror II" which has this same story in its third slot.  A mother who is devastated by the accidental drowning of her young son just outside their oceanfront house, turns to the dark arts to try to resurrect her son while her husband is out of town on business.  Bobby returns to her on the dark and stormy night but Bobby is a bit off to say the least.  He wants to play deadly games with his mother.  Lots of spooky atmosphere and the creepy child's voice tormenting his mother.

For those familiar with other Dan Curtis movies, you'll feel right at home with the music and spookiness he likes to create. 

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