Monday, June 17, 2013

The Haunting of Helen Walker

"The Haunting of Helen Walker" (1995) is a made for TV movie starring: , and .  It is another remake/retelling of Henry James' Turn of the Screw.

Valerie Bertinelli plays the title role of Helen Walker, an American widow in England who applies for and receives the job of live in nanny to two children who live in a old country mansion sometime around 1900. The children's uncle and guardian lives in London and his lifestyle doesn't have time to take care of two children.  He puts Helen in charge of all the children's affairs and upbringing.

The house is run by Mrs. Grose the housekeeper and some other servants. She and young Flora welcome Helen to the household.  Shortly after arriving, Helen learns that young Miles is coming home from boarding school because he has been kicked out for bad behavior.

This film stays close to original classic story except for changing the nanny's name and making her American.  There is some sinister secret in this large foreboding house.  The previous nanny and caretaker who are both dead continue to haunt the large estate.  Helen digs deeper into the mystery to determine why this is so she can ultimately save the children.  This doesn't go so well for her.

This is a good ghost story and Valerie Bertinelli even does a good job pulling off acting in a period piece.   

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