Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Gate

"The Gate" (1987) starring . Suburban children accidentally release demons from a gate to hell they discover in their back yard.

When their tree house gets hit by lightning and the tree comes down, Glen (a very young Stephen Dorff) and his friend Terry discover a hole in the back yard.  Glen cuts himself and blood drops down into the bottomless hole starting a chain of events that could end the world.

The parents are out of town and teenage sister, Al, is babysitting.  Of course she throws a big party and lots of teens in 80s apparel have fun and end up telling ghost stories and doing some psychic tricks that get out of hand.  Meanwhile, the gate to hell opens more and more as it gets more sacrifices.  Eventually mini demons pour out of the hole and attack everyone in the house. 

"The Gate" is a pretty good story about kids fighting evil and trying to save the world.  But Glen and his sister will have a lot of explaining to do when the parents get home!

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