Friday, May 3, 2013

Cruise into Terror

"Cruise into Terror" (1978) is a made for TV horror / thriller starring: , , , , , , , , , , and

A cruise line is overbooked and dozen or so passengers are put on the Obeah, a small ship that doesn't usually take passengers, to make the three day voyage to Cozumel where they will meet up with the larger ship.  There's Sandra Barry who is trying to get her workaholic husband Barry to relax; Reverend Charles Mather & his wife Lil; Dr. Isiah Bakkun, an Egyptologist who believes the ancient Egyptians sailed to America and created the Mayan civilization; Marilyn Magnesun recently divorced looking for some fun; Judy Haines and Debbie Porter, two coeds on vacation; Frank Lazarus a brainy mathematician; and the crew: Captain Andy, first officer Simon and crewman Nathan.


The passengers learn from Dr. Bakkun that he's searching for an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus that will prove his theories.  He believes it is in Cozumel.  Frank looks at his figures and advises him he's 40 some miles off and it is really in the ocean and it just happens that the ship is going to pass right by it.  The passengers try to convince the captain that it would be an adventure to stop and search for the treasure.  He wants to get straight to Mexico so they can get parts to fix their second engine.  Coincidentally, the ship breaks down right above the treasure.  The reverend tries to convince everyone to leave the sarcophogas in place as he says there is a curse on it and it contains the devil's child which will be raised by one of the crew that doesn't have a soul.  Of course no one listens to him.

They do find the treasure and the terror continues as well as the death toll on the ship.  The passengers also start turning against each other.  Will there be any survivors of this cruise into terror?

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