Friday, May 10, 2013


"Mama" (2013) starring:  is a great new horror film from producer Guillermo del Toro.

After shooting their mother, their father takes his two young daughters, Victoria & Lilly, and crashes the car in the mountains.  He finds a deserted house in the woods and takes them there.  In his distraught state he intends to shoot them and then himself but something in the house saves the girls.

Flash forward five years and the girls' uncle Lucas has been financing a search for them ever since their disappearance.  The girls are finally found in the house and they crawl around on all fours and look and act more like animals than children.

After months in a facility, the girls are somewhat ready to move out of the facility and into a house with their uncle and his girlfriend Annabel.  The elder Victoria has a better adjustment to living inside from the wild than her younger sister Lilly who still retains a lot of the characteristics she learned while in the house in the woods.  Both girls talk about a mysterious "Mama" who took care of them in the woods. Little do Lucas and Annabel know that Mama has followed them to their new home and she is a ghost with a tragic past and is rather protective of her new children.

"Mama" is a fantastic new horror movie filled with atmosphere, scares and suspense rather than gore.  Throughout the movie we catch glimpses of the ethereal black figure with floating hair as she awkwardly jerks / floats through the house.  When we finally get a good look at her, she is a scary looking creature that is sure to scare and to remain lodged in your memory.  Jessica Chastain does a wonderful job portraying Annabel who never wanted children and would rather be in her rock band.  After initially being creeped out by the little Lilly and the barely glimpsed Mama, Annabel eventually becomes the girls' greatest protector.

Watch this film for a scary and unique take on a ghost story that you won't soon forget!

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  1. I'm curious about this one. I heard the monster is mostly CG though, which really turns me off. But I'll still give it a chance. I love a good ghost story.