Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Cat Creature

"The Cat Creature"is a TV movie that aired in 1972 as an ABC Movie of the Week, starring: , and and directed by .  An ancient Egyptian cat creature is let loose on LA.

An ancient gold amulet is stolen off an Egyptian mummy's neck in a dead California collector's house.  The man who is making an inventory of the house if found dead with scratch marks all over him.  This starts the police investigation who seeks out college professor Roger Edmonds (Hedison) to help them find out more about the Egyptian amulet.

The investigation takes them to the curious local shop called The Sorcerer's Shop run by Hester Black (Sondergaard).  She admits the thief tried to sell her the amulet but she passed on it because she suspected it must be stolen.

Meanwhile, Hester's shopkeeper is followed home by a cat which turns out to be the cat creature and which hypnotizes her into jumping out her apartment window.

A couple days later, Rena Carter (Baxter) drops in the shop to fill in the newly open shopkeeper position.  As the investigation continues, the professor gets to know Rena more and in his research discovers exactly why that amulet should have stayed around the mummy's neck.

This is another great example of the type of TV movie from the 70s that I love.  There's an interesting story.  Great atmosphere and the use of shadows to show the cat before you actually see the creature adds to the suspense and eeriness.  The acting is even top notch for made for TV fare and Gale Sondergaard shines as the mysterious Hester Black.  Catch this movie for a great chiller from the past!

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