Friday, April 12, 2013

Moon of the Wolf

"Moon of the Wolf" is a made for TV movie that aired as an ABC Movie of the Week in 1972, starring: , , .  A werewolf is wreaking havoc on the citizens of the rural town of Marsh Island in Louisiana.

A local woman is found dead and chewed up on the large Rodanthe estate and the locals think its a pack of feral dogs that got her.  The Rodanthe's are the founding family of the island and town and live in a large southern plantation style mansion.  The Andrew runs the Rodanthe estate and sister Louise has just returned to town after being away in the big city.

Sheriff Aaron Whitaker is investigating the death and he soon discovers it was no accident - something sinister is loose in the community and the killings soon escalate. In the sheriff's investigation, he soon discovers all kinds of secrets about the people he thought he knew.  He also finds out more about the Rodanthe's as he befriends Louise who he went to school with.
A dying man who lives near the swamps says it's a werewolf who killed his daughter.  The sheriff starts to believe that and has to put aside his disbelief in the supernatural to find the killer.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.  I had been putting off watching it but finally did and I loved it.  The rural Southern Louisiana setting is lush and beautiful and at the same time mysterious and somewhat sinister with its swamps and its somewhat peculiar denizens.  The music adds to the mood and atmosphere and all together it creates an atmosphere filled with suspense. 

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