Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Night of Dark Shadows

Just in time for Halloween, "Night of Dark Shadows" (1971) starring David Selby, Grayson Hall and Kate Jackson was finally released on DVD and Blu-ray today!  I've been waiting for it to be released and am glad to finally own a copy of this movie. This film is written and directed by Dan Curtis who did the original Dark Shadows series as well as many made for TV thrillers in the 70s.  It takes place in the present (1971) where Quentin Collins (David Selby) and his wife Tracy (Kate Jackson in her first movie appearance) move into the newly inherited Collinwood Manor. 

Soon after moving into the mansion, Quentin starts acting mysteriously, always locking himself into the tower room to work on his paintings.  He starts remembering things from his family's past in the 1800s when Angelique was alive and then killed as a witch.  Angelique's ghost is haunting the house and turning Quentin against Tracy.  The housekeeper, Carlotta Drake (the delightful Grayson Hall), is the reincarnation of a girl that lived in the house and is now keeping Angelique's spirit alive. 

The Gothic style house and estate is a character in itself adding loads of atmosphere to this movie.  I'm glad to see this movie finally getting wider release.  A great addition to any horror library!

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