Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ghost Cat

Ghost Cat starring Michael Ontkean, Ellen Page and Lori Hallier is a made for TV movie from 2004 originally aired on Animal Planet as "Mrs. Ashboro's Cat" and is also available as "The Cat That Came Back".

Natalie Merritt (Ellen Page) is a teenager who moves from Manhattan to the small town of Ringwood, NY with her father Wes (Michael Ontkean) a year and a half after her mother passing away.  While looking for a house they meet Mrs. Ashboro and her cat, Margaret.  Shortly thereafter, Mrs. Ashboro dies of a heart attack and the cat on the day of her funeral dies also.  The Merritts end up buying her home from her scheming nephew who has been trying to sell the house out from under his aunt and get control of her money.

Soon after moving in, Natalie starts experiencing some ghostly happenings in the large old house.  The piano playing at night, pictures falling from the shelf and other noises.  We soon see it's the ghost of Margaret the cat who is trying to help Natalie get Mrs. Ashboro's hidden money that she had intended to give to Brenda who owns the neighboring animal shelter. Natalie also meets the two brothers next door who she starts volunteering with at the animal shelter.  Will the ghost cat help save the animal shelter from the scheming nephew and the unscrupulous land developer who wants the land?  Being a movie geared toward families - take a guess. "Ghost Cat" is definitely not a scary movie but is an enjoyable watch nonetheless. 

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