Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Initiation of Sarah

"The Initiation of Sarah" (1978) starring Kay Lenz, Shelley Winters, Tony Bill, Morgan Brittany, Tisa Farrow, Robert Hays and Morgan Fairchild is a made for TV horror chiller about a college women just learning about her special powers.

Patty Goodwin (Brittany) and her adopted sister Sarah (Lenz) are off to college together as freshmen and they hope to join their mother's former sorority, Alpha Nu Sigma. Jennifer Lawrence (Fairchild) is the beautiful and mean leader of the sorority and while Patty has the good looks and demeanor that fits right in with the other snobs at Alpha Nu Sigma, poor Sarah does not.

Sarah finds her group of misfit friends at the Phi Epsilon Delta (PED) sorority which has a long rivalry against Alpha Nu Sigma. PED is run by house mother Mrs. Erica Hunter (Winters) who teaches the occult and instantly knows Sarah is the future of their house.  Mrs. Hunter recognizes that Sarah has the power to move things and cause things to happen when she is angry.  Can she focus that power on the vindictive and cruel sisters of Alpha Nu Sigma?

"The Initiation of Sarah" is a fun made for TV movie with Shelley Winters doing an excellent job as the eccentric and mysterious Mrs. Hunter.  Kay Lenz plays the underdog Sarah quite well and we see her struggle to fit in and find some happiness which comes so easily for her sister.  All in all, a fun horror chiller to watch on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

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