Sunday, March 4, 2012

2 Movies Added to My Favorites

Last night was a good night to watch a couple of horror movies.

I started with a new movie, "The Innkeepers" which was released in 2011.  This movie takes place in a haunted hotel called the Yankee Pedlar Inn in Connecticut - which is a real life hotel.  Talk about a slow build-up of terror but it all pays off in the end.  Lots of wandering around this old hotel listening for spirits.  Just don't go into the cellar!  Added to my Haunted House movie page.

I finished with a late night viewing of "Night Watch" from 1973 starring Elizabeth Taylor.  I just recently found this movie on Amazon and received the DVD yesterday.  This movie has elements of horror, mystery and thrillers.  It has many of the elements I love about atmospheric horror movies:  spooky dilapidated house next door, lots of rain, thunder and lightning, peeking through the window out into the dark and lots of suspense.  Elizabeth Taylor is fantastic in her roll of the wife who is seemingly going mad.  A great find and addition to my favorites on my "Atmospheric Horror Movie" page.

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